We are  new, intimate, private gallery located in Slovakia, in the historic Old Town of Bratislava. Our main interest is to present a wide range of artists, working in fields like painting, art work, sculptures, photographs, textile, design...

We are not focusing on specifis directions and school. Individuality, originality and innovative material is important for us.

In our programme, we try to introduce Slovak and foreign artists, which were, until now, for a various reasons unknown to the public. We are trying to arrange an unforgettable experience, when people meet their original ant authentical work.

Our next important priority is to arrange contakt and cooperation with other similar galleries. We gladly afford our time and space to present artists, those home galleries would like to introduce in our country.

    Understanding of art in all forms, we consider as an important part of our lives, so we decided that we want to be near that....

Kleinertová Kristína, owner


CT GALLERY s.r.o. Bratislava Panská 17, 811 01 Bratislava, Staré mesto. Otvorené od 13.00-18.00, denne, okrem pondelka 00421910345445 ctgallery@hotmail.com